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January 15, 2014
aSpecial Media ties up with Gradatim to boost insights into consumer behavior across Asia.

Two start-ups, by successful serial entrepreneurs, will join hands to consolidate and expand their extensive databases of Internet and Mobile users for use by institutions, media houses, and brand managers in India and Southeast Asia.

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Behavioural Data
Ad Solutions

 aSpecial Media specialises in online behavioural targeting. We are media and technology veterans with extensive experience in providing solutions to:


          - Consumers seeking relevant content

          - Content creators looking to acquire new audiences

          - Commercial enterprises searching for more productive ways to serve customers


We developed proprietary techniques to form a bridge between online audiences, website owners, media agencies and advertisers.


Advertisers and Agencies  
  • Maximise Reach, Improve Return on Investment
    • Access rich network of premium sites specially selected for quality content, influence and reach
    • Target potential customers identified by behavioural activity real-time
    • Overcome limitations of "ageing" data - Leverage actual interests versus stated interests.
  • Improve Relevancy, Increase Revenue & Yield
    • Segment audience through behavioural data
    • Boost click-through rates of advertisements by delivering them to the right audience
    • Enriched subscriber database and registered users by melding behavioral data with existing profiles
Why aSpecial Media?
  • aSpecial is building one of the world's largest and most updated behavioral databases of Asian consumers. This continually updated, real-time view of consumer interests is built with proprietary algorithms and guidance from veterans in the media, advertising and technology industries.