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Behavioural Data
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We are your real-time partner in providing and analysing the information you really need to reach more people.

We are the intelligence agent which slice Big Data into segments which matter to you, whether you are Big Business, an SME, government agency or Public Institution. Whether you are trying to interpret the mood of the people or trying to predict the intention to purchase a product.

We help you find what people are really looking for before they even reach your website:

  • Giving you real-time insights into what they are interested in as they use their mobile and desktop devices,
  • Letting you personalise your content specifically for them as they delve into your sections and pages, and,
  • Selecting places for your messages to go on the Web or Mobile to appear before people whose interest in your service or product is peaking.

We are a unique team of entrepreneurs, developers, and marketers, who have been deep in the digital world since 1995 with multiple “wins”, including Singapore’s technology “Oscar” - the prestigious National Infocomm Award - and clients who are among the most respected website owners and innovative advertisers in Asia.

Who do we help?

We work with companies, big and small, which know the importance of gathering and analysing data on their current and potential clients.

We help website owners, whether government agencies and conglomerates or small enterprises trying to publicise their services, media companies trying to improve their content delivery or boost subscriptions, and firms or individuals who have a message to share.

And we give ad agencies and advertisers the tools to finally do behavioural targeting, putting their ads in front of the right interested parties.

Advertisers and Agencies  
  • Maximise Reach, Improve Return on Investment
    • Access rich network of premium sites specially selected for quality content, influence and reach
    • Target potential customers identified by behavioural activity real-time
    • Overcome limitations of "ageing" data - Leverage actual interests versus stated interests.
  • Improve Relevancy, Increase Revenue & Yield
    • Segment audience through behavioural data
    • Boost click-through rates of advertisements by delivering them to the right audience
    • Enriched subscriber database and registered users by melding behavioral data with existing profiles
Why aSpecial Media?
  • aSpecial is building one of the world's largest and most updated behavioral databases of Asian consumers. This continually updated, real-time view of consumer interests is built with proprietary algorithms and guidance from veterans in the media, advertising and technology industries.